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Family Bike Trails — National Geographic Traveler

Family Bike Trails — National Geographic Traveler.

The National Geographic has a piece about family bicycle trails in its July 2012 edition, featuring the following trails:


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Bicycling the Black Forest

30 tours with more than 1000 kilometers of enjoyable bicycle tours in one of Germany‘s most favourite region, the Black Forest, mostly on dedicated bicycle paths: check this website [http://www.rad-paradies.de] out even if it’s in German

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Cycling the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway – NYTimes.com

On Two Wheels, With Water as a Companion

WHEN I told my local bicycle mechanic that I was thinking about circling the city by following the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway, he shrugged off my reservations about the unfinished route, which I’d heard was still dicey in parts.

“It’s Manhattan,” he said. “It’s an island. What are you going to do, get lost?”

Read the full article here:  Cycling the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway – NYTimes.com.

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