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Streetfilms | From Minnesota to Mississippi, America Tells Congress to Preserve Bike-Ped Funding

Streetfilms | From Minnesota to Mississippi, America Tells Congress to Preserve Bike-Ped Funding.


The most recent transportation bill, passed in 2005 by a Republican Congress and Republican president, continued to invest in safer biking and walking. As negotiations over a new bill grind on, however, these programs are in jeopardy. The Senate has passed a bill that by and large preserves the status quo, but the House of Representatives has tried to eliminate bike and pedestrian programs.


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The GOP Hates Bikes | Mother Jones

The GOP Hates Bikes | Mother Jones.

The GOP Hates Bikes

| Tue Oct. 25, 2011 8:24 AM PDT

Over the past few months, as Republicans have focused their attention on cutting what they see as wasteful government spending, they’ve zeroed in on a surprising new target: bicyclists, and the programs that serve them.

The federal government spends about $40 billion a year on transportation projects. Of that, about $928 million has been devoted to what’s known as a “transportation enhancement” program, which provides funding for projects—including rails-to-trails conversions, bike lanes, and bridges—that make cycling safer, and thus more viable as a commuting option. But as Congress gears up to reauthorize the massive transportation funding bill this year, Republicans are arguing that states shouldn’t be forced to use scarce transportation funds to encourage bike commuting when bridges for cars are falling down.


Read the full story here: Mother Jones

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