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Cyclists are annoying: Why you think they’re a menace on two wheels. – Slate Magazine

Cyclists are annoying: Why you think they’re a menace on two wheels. – Slate Magazine.


The fact is, unlike me, most bicyclists are courteous, safe, law-abiding citizens who are quite willing and able to share the road.


Read the full article here: Slate Magazine


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Bicyclists vs. drivers

Bicyclists vs. drivers.

Why can’t we just get along?
Monday, June 20, 2011

At 7:20 a.m. on Memorial Day, we were cycling along Butler Street just past the Highland Park Bridge. A driver seen weaving through traffic at a high rate of speed hit one of us, Robert Noll, the lead cyclist, and seriously injured him. He remains hospitalized, recovering from two full days of surgery to repair his many broken bones.


We realize that cycling is a dangerous sport. We call on every cyclist and motorist to make every effort to obey the laws of the state and to use common sense. Many cyclists wear helmets, ride in single file and obey traffic laws, as we do.

To those who complain about cyclists disobeying traffic laws, we ask if they ever exceeded a speed limit, or drove through a red light or rolled through a stop sign.

It’s distressing to see cyclists without helmets (that’s as foolish as drivers not wearing seat belts). We call upon our fellow cyclists to lead by example and demonstrate responsibility by obeying traffic laws. We call upon all motorists to pass us with care, giving at least 4 feet of room when doing so.

Let’s stop the vitriol about how cyclists deserve to be injured because some of them disobey traffic rules. We must be reasonable and treat everyone on the roads — cyclists, pedestrians and drivers — with respect and care.

Read the full story here: Pittsburg Post-Gazette

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Boise, Idaho, one of the most liberal cities when it comes to bicycling

“Boise, Idaho, one of the most liberal cities when it comes to bicycling, issued new rules of the road this June that basically said to both drivers and bicyclists: ‘Don’t be jerks.'”

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Bicycling Proposals

“With close to $1 million in federal stimulus money on the table, the City Council is expected to vote today to improve bicycle transportation downtown.

The money would establish bike rental, bike tour and bike share programs in addition to expanding a “share the road” media campaign. […]”

read more here: San Antonio Express-News, June 17, 2010

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Share the Road (I)

In newsletter No. 438 [Road Bike Rider] offered an idea for tweaking the “Share the Road” signs seen along some U.S. highways and byways. Missourian Paul Scianna proposed adding the phrase “It’s the Law” to make sure drivers realize that giving cyclists some space is not merely a suggestion. But what if your local roads don’t have basic “Share the Road” signs, or there are too few? What can you do about that?

Roadie Peter Paul Bud has an answer — commit your local bike club to buying the signs on the condition that the highway department will put them where they’ll do the most good. That is, along favorite cycling roads in the area.

for more, see Road Bike Rider Newsletter # 440


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