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2012 Real Ale Ride | Don Bynum’s Blog

2012 Real Ale Ride | Don Bynum’s Blog.

2012 Real Ale Ride

The 2012 Real Ale Ride is now in the history books (recorded with gallons of muscle burning lactic acid!) and as the pain fades it is becoming a legend that my grandchildren will tell their children around the campfire (providing heat from a ball of solar and wind powered magic plasma on the cold, still, nights on the plains).

Read the full post here: Don Bynum’s Blog – Cycling, Sailing and Surviving in the Texas Hill Country


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Luckenbach Loop again

Yesterday I was busy driving a SAG vehicle on the Hill Country roads at the 4th Annual LBJ 100 Bicycle Tour for too long to be able to get in a ride of my own, but today I had the time and did the Luckenbach Loop again. The weather was nearly perfect: some sun, some clouds, and only a light breeze. The temperature was excellent: just a tad on the cool side when there were clouds, and definitely not too warm in the sunshine. It was an absolutely enjoyable ride. And the new “Hill Country” gears on the Dancelli [front 52/36 and 14-32 rear] proved an excellent combination. None of the hills here was too much with that.

Check out my previous Luckenbach Loop here: Ride with GPS

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11th Annual Fredericksburg Fall Foliage Frolic

Again, as in the years before, it was a great event, well organized by the Hill Country Bicycle Touring Club, from registration onsite and the SAG-support to the great meal, cooked as usual by the Mendozas. Especially the meal gave a great opportunity to sit outside the Tatsch House in the sun and relax and chat with other riders.

Well, we were lucky with the weather. Although it was quite chilly early in the morning – as can be expected in the Texas Hill Country at this time of the year – it warmed up pretty nicely later. And even with the chill in the air, around 160 riders turned out. I, though, was really happy that I had decided to drive a SAG-car so that I could sit in there, nicely protected from the chilly morning temps, with the heating on. But I must admit, I missed the camaraderie on the roads, when I did the short route later, after the official rides had been closed. On TX 16 I had the wind in my face, but as most of it was downhill, even if just a tad, it wasn’t too hard going. After turning right onto Morris Ranch Road it felt much better, with the wind not quite on my back, but certainly helping from the thrid quadrant. That allowed for some good speedy runs, especially when it was downhill. At the 1st rest stop, at that time of the day unmanned, of course, I was happy to discover that the porta-potties were still there! The stretch on White Oak Road to FM 2093 was short, just about one mile. And then came that part of the route I don’t like too much: FM 2093. It’s a great up-and-down route, but what I don’t like is that it is a shoulderless two-lane road. Sure, the drivers were very considerate, always left enough room between them and me when overtaking and even refrained from overtaking and stayed behind me when they couldn’t see beyond a hill. I never felt afraid, but I always felt uneasy as I was blocking their progress. But I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. I didn’t go back to the Tatsch House, though, but turned left on Kerr Road and rode my bike to the Metzger Sunday House where we – my wife and me – were staying for the weekend.

The routes were the same as last year, 29, 50 and 62 miles of lovely rolling hills – and sometimes not so “lovely rolling” but quite steep – of the Texas Hill Country. Especially the stretches on Morris Ranch Road, White Oak Road and Friedrich Road were great riding with beutiful vistas opening everywhere. Well, sometimes the ascents could be a tad steep, but mercifully they were never long. Check out my ride on Ride with GPS.

Here’s a collage of some of the pics I took. Clockwise, from top left:

  • Early morning before the start at the Tatsch House in Ladybird Johnson Municipal Park
  • Riders chatting, warming themselves up in the sunshine and having refreshments at the 1st rest stop
  • Mando Campos directing the traffic at the 1st rest stop
  • Yvonne, Diana and an unknown rider chatting
  • The helpful guy from Rideaway Bicycles tuning up a participant’s bicycle

2010 Fredericksburg Fall Foliage Frolic

For a nice account of the Frolic and more and better pictures than mine, check out the Pedal Pushers blog.

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Announcing the 11th Annual Fredericksburg Fall Foliage Frolic

The 11th Annual Fredericksburg Fall Foliage Frolic on Saturday, Oct. 30, 2010, is hosted by the Hill Country Bicycle Touring Club. The tour brings together people from all over Texas to enjoy a weekend of riding and friendship in the scenic Hill Country of Central Texas. There are supported rides varying in length and degree of difficulty.
On-site registration and packet pick-up will start at 8:00 AM Saturday morning at Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park three miles south of town on TX 16. Take Lady Bird Johnson Drive 0.7 mile to the Tatsch House across from the swimming pool. The registration fee includes supported rides with maps, rest stops, sag support, lunch and a ride souvenir. The Frolic will be held rain or shine.
Rides of 25, 48 and 60 miles will be available. For a map of the rides click here.

Pre-registration is available via regular mail or via Active.com, and its cost is $20.00 per rider, if postmarked by October 18th, $25.00 after that date.
Active.com will be available for registration to the Frolic 2010 only until October 16th. After October 16th, you need to register on the day of the event, and your cost will be $25.00.  In addition to the Registration Fees, Active.com charges an additional $3.25 per registration per person.
To download a mail-in form, click here.

For more information, click here.

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Risky News: Cycling in “new San Antonio”

In the above article Richard Rivard, editor of the Express-News, writes about his experience of riding a bicycle in the newly developed areas of northern San Antonio.

“I turn onto TPC Parkway and murmur a prayer. This might be the new route that thousands of well-heeled visitors will travel to the handsome, upscale resort, but it is as unfriendly to cyclists as any legacy avenue in the city. There are no bike lanes and no right of way. I have the legal right to ride there, but I realize many drivers do not know the law and others simply do not accept it.”


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