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What’s Behind the Rise in Cyclist and Pedestrian Deaths? | Streetsblog.net

What’s Behind the Rise in Cyclist and Pedestrian Deaths? | Streetsblog.net.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is out with traffic fatality data for 2011, and the news is not good for cyclists, pedestrians or, for that matter, anyone who uses U.S. roadways.

While motor vehicle deaths declined to a still mind-numbing 32,000, cycling deaths were up 8.7 percent, and 3 percent more pedestrians were killed. The increase represented a break with recent trends, and folks all over the Streetsblog Network and the news media had different theories on the cause.


Read the full article here: Streetsblog Network


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Colnago Demos to be at 5th Annual LBJ 100 Bicycle Tour!

Colnago will be bringing demo bikes to the LBJ Ranch, in conjunction with the 5th Annual LBJ 100 Bicycle Tour coming up March 24. This “get up close and personal” opportunity with new bike models is presented courtesy of one of Colnago‘s newest retailers, and a major sponsor of the LBJ 100 – Ride Away Bicycles – with three shops in San Antonio.
Come on out to the event, talk to Ride Away, check out a Colnago, and feel that awesome handling ability on those gorgeous Texas hills.
For more info on the LBJ 100, go to the event’s website @ www.lbj100bicycletour.org.

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“Buttwiser” Ride

As to the subject: with every mile your butt gets wiser about those dang chip-sealed Karnes County roads. That – the ubiquitous chipseal – is what I dislike most when riding my bicycle hereabouts. But it simply can’t be helped if I want to bicycle.

Well, today the weather was so gorgeous again that I decided to try of my butt could stand the saddle for some more miles. And it could – even if at the end of the ride, after about 1 3/4 hours in the saddle – I did feel it a lot and wouldn’t have liked to go on much longer. Today, with the wind blowing fairly strongly again from the north, I decided to ride into it first and thus took one of my standard routes: out via Hobson and Panna Maria, and then looping back via Helena. It was 25.54 miles at an average of 14 mph. Not too bad, considering the wind [you never get as much speed back with the wind pushing youo than what you lose riding into the wind] andthe fact that it was only my second bicycle ride [and on consecutive days at that] after a 2-month pause. Compared to yesterday, the climbs were not so steep. Much easier with my gear ratio [54/39 x 13-21]. Thus the total ascent gained was 739 feet only. Anyway: this ride plus yesterday’s put me way ahead of my daily average planned [10 kilometers]. But knowing that there will be plenty of days when I won’t ride I really need a good “cushion”. After the ride I was craving for proteins and had some left-over smoked turkey: a whole drumstick with some thigh – every yummy and replenishing the lost calories. During the ride, btw, I had the need for some glucose and this had – and that’s unusual for me on such a short ride – 2 single-serving pouches of orange-flavoured Hammer Gel, and they helped. I always carry these with me, just in case, and today I really needed them. Before the ride I had – to keep my minerals and electrolytes at the right level – taken one capsule of Hammer Endurolytes.

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The New Year – A Good Beginning

After I had not been on the bicycle since Oct. 30 last year, having missed my goal of 3,560 kilometers [an average of 10 kilometers per day], or 2,268 miles, by far [I only managed, for a variety of reasons, 2,194 kilometers or 1,363 miles], I started this year quite nicely, with a 23-mile ride [at an average of 14.4 mph] out of Normanna/TX with the Beeville Stingers bicycle club. It was a gorgeous afternoon [they start their Sunday group rides at 3 p.m. – at least in the winter season, when it gets dark early – which suits me very well as I’m not a morning person], with bright sunshine from a cloudless blue sky and temps in the lower sixties still. It was a tad breezy, with winds of around 15 mph from the north, but that was not too bad, especially as our ride took us out towards the east and then looped back, so that we had the wind from the side for most of the time. The roads were good – a tad more hilly than I had expected in southern Texas. But fortunately the climbs of up to 8% were short. The total ascent was 1019 ft. Now let’s hope that 2012 continues in this vein and that I’ll be able to meet my goals this time or do better even.

Check the ride out here: RideWithGPS, Normanna(2)


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Number of Female Cyclists Lags in New York, With Safety as a Concern – NYTimes.com

Number of Female Cyclists Lags in New York, With Safety as a Concern – NYTimes.com.

Women, Uneasy, Still Lag as Cyclists in New York City

When Julie Hirschfeld opened a bicycle boutique for women, she envisioned fashion-obsessed customers with a disdain for spandex flooding in to buy bikes and accessories they would model along New York City’s paved catwalks: miles and miles of new bicycle paths. She lined her shop downtown with vintage-inspired bikes, many with Brooks saddle seats; partnered with Kate Spade to sell a $1,100 bicycle the color of freshly cut grass; and sold helmets that would pass more for fashionable

One year later, Ms. Hirschfeld has conceded that it takes more than fashion to get women on bikes.

Read the full story here: New York Times

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Users fitting bike share into their lifestyles – San Antonio Express-News

Users fitting bike share into their lifestyles – San Antonio Express-News.

Users fitting bike share into their lifestyles

Updated 11:18 a.m., Sunday, July 3, 2011

No wonder some call him “The Jared of B-cycle.”

In only three months, Phillip Schrank has logged more than 750 miles using San Antonio‘s bike-share program, shedding about 45 pounds. He’s B-cycle’s No. 1 user and — like the Subway spokesman he’s been compared to — a natural booster.

“I call myself the ‘spokes-person,’” Schrank jokes.

Since the downtown bike share launched this spring, B-cycle users have logged more than 32,400 miles. Some, like Schrank, ride for health reasons, others use the bikes for transportation or just for fun. Many are also enjoying a burgeoning sense of community among riders.

Read the full story here: San Antonio Express-News

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New Saddles Can Help Release Cyclists’ Unrelenting Pressure – NYTimes.com

New Saddles Can Help Release Cyclists’ Unrelenting Pressure – NYTimes.com.

Before the Tour de France begins this weekend, before the cameras follow all those seemingly virile athletes, let us consider another sort of role model on two wheels.

Robert Brown is an officer in the Seattle Police Department’s bicycle patrol, which lacks the sleek machines and tight jerseys of the Tour de France. But Mr. Brown has something that could be more important to both male and female cyclists: a no-nose saddle.

Like most cyclists, Mr. Brown at first didn’t see any need to switch from the traditional saddle on the mountain bike he’d been riding full time for five years on the force. When researchers at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and Safety offered new noseless saddles intended to prevent erectile dysfunction, he quickly told his supervisor, “No problems here!

Read the full story here: New York Times

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Battle of the Bike Lanes

“At the risk of incurring the wrath of the bicycle lobby, a constituency that pursues its agenda with about as much modesty and humor as the Jacobins pursued theirs, and which has found its heroine in transportation commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, I say hats off to Iris Weinshall, the former transportation commissioner (and wife of Senator Chuck Schumer), who, together with some like-minded citizens, has filed a lawsuit challenging a bike lane on Prospect Park West.


quoted from: The New Yorker

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Great Ride with the Beeville Stingers

Yesterday I did my second “Karnes County 42-Miler”, and this time I had the great company of Donna, J.D. and Gary, members of the Beeville Stingers bicycle club, who had come up from Beeville to join me in the ride. I really enjoyed their company – thank you, Donna, J.D. and Gary – and they kept me going at quite a good speed. We averaged 14.8 mp/h, and that with quite a bit of wind [15 to 20 mp/h sustained], which we especially felt between Helena and Runge, where it could blow over open fields unhindered by any trees or bushes. But it was manageable. And after Runge the wind helped – mostly, that is. It was quite hot, too, with temps well over 90. But with a stop at the gas station & convenience store in Runge, and at the shell station in Kenedy, we did it.

The route was the same as on April 3: Karnes City, Panna Maria, Helena, Runge, Kenedy, Karnes City.

And here are some pictures:


The Dancelli, Still Awaiting Its Rider

dancelli plus rider

The Dancelli Plus Its Rider


Donna Signing in

lined up

Left to Right: Gary, Donna, J.D. and Pit


Off They Go!

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Cycling the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway – NYTimes.com

On Two Wheels, With Water as a Companion

WHEN I told my local bicycle mechanic that I was thinking about circling the city by following the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway, he shrugged off my reservations about the unfinished route, which I’d heard was still dicey in parts.

“It’s Manhattan,” he said. “It’s an island. What are you going to do, get lost?”

Read the full article here:  Cycling the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway – NYTimes.com.

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