My Bicycles

Red Arrow

The Red Arrow

The first Dancelli: The Red Arrow

This Dancelli was my very first bike – well, “Straßenrennrad” as we call it in German, which translates into “street racing bike” [or, as it’s called in America, “road bike”], that is, as I had a bike when I was a schoolboy and another one as a child.

It was built by Cicli Baldo in Trento, Italy, to my specifications, and it’s a Dancelli frame, with a Modolo handlebar and brakes and Ofmega front and rear deraillers, a 6-speed cassette [14-16-18-20-22-24] and a Campagnolo 53-39 crankset. After a fall I exchanged the original saddle for a Selle Italia and am quite comfortable with it.

Alas, it’s ruined. To keep it out of the brutal southern Texas sunshine I had set it behind the car and forgotten. And when I backed out of the garage, I partly ran over it and bent the frame irreparably.

The Marin: The Mill Valley

In 2003, while staying in the US, I bought a second bicycle, a Marin “Mill Valley“. I bought it here in the US [in Denver, to be exact], as I wanted to ride a bike here during my frequent stays and it would have been (much) too expensive to always transport a bike back and forth between Germany and the US on a plane. The Marin was/is a hybrid, or “Fitness Bike” as that type would be called in German(y). I enjoyed riding that bike a lot, too, but to tell the truth, I never felt really comfortable on it. After a short time my hands go numb. I suspect that the frame is a tad too small for me and thus too much of my weight needs to be supported by my arms and hands. Even changing the grips [now Ergon grips] didn’t help (much). I also put on a different saddle [SQ-Lab 610], which helped a lot.

The Stevens: The Gran Turismo

After I had shipped the Red Arrow to the US, I was left withour a bike in Germany.

The second Dancelli: Purple Lightning

After I had ruined my first one, I kept thinking which bike to buy as a replacement. I really wanted a fast road bike, and I do like those “old” diamond-shaped lugged steel frames. Call me old-fashioned or even sentimental, but it is as it is. And I also believe in  their qualities: they do give you a lot or suspension, more than the modern aluminum ones and (nearly) as  much as carbon frames. Of course, contrary to aluminum and carbon, they can rust – but that’s negligible as good maintenance will take care of it. And compared to carbon I feel safer on a steel frame as a scratch is that – just a scratch – and not a structural damage as with carbon.

to be continued


8 responses to “My Bicycles

  1. Martin

    Do you know the model name of the purple dancelli?

  2. Martin

    and do ou know how dancelli named it? found nothing in the web and bought the same in white/red….

    • Pit

      To the best of my knowledge Dancelli never gave his bicycles a name. So you have a Dancelli, too? Great! Btw, I have two more Dancelli frames here which I want to built up again with original Italian parts.

  3. Martin

    nice…i`ll have a look..greetz from leipzig

    • Pit

      Hi Martin,
      hätte ich gewusst, dass Du aus Dresden bist, hätten wir uns ja auch gerne auf deutsch unterhalten können.
      Viel Spaß mit/auf Deinem Dancelli, und schau’ doch mal wieder vorbei,

  4. martin


    ja komme aus Leipzig, is ja gleich um die ecke 😉

    mit dem dancelli hats leider nicht geklappt, hatte leider einen unfall- der rahmen war verzogen…



  5. Karen

    Are you still in Denver. Selling my vintage Dancelli, diamond shaped tubing.

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