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This looks like a great event!


A few years ago Facebook enabled a re-connection with Chuck, a guy who grew up in my neighborhood and I had known since kindergarten.  I have truly enjoyed our conversations in the past couple of years, visiting him in when we were in Chicago and him spending one weekend with us while on a nearby work assignment.

While not someone who has been focused on building and maintaining “body beautiful” something about RAGBRAI,  Iowa’s cross-state bicycle ride,  caught his attention and he participated last summer.  An annual seven-day bicycle ride across the state organized by the Des Moines Register, RAGBRAI is the oldest, largest and longest bicycle touring event in the world. This year was the 40th annual ride and Chuck was there again.

You may say sure, a state like Iowa is flat so no big deal.  It is not completely flat and while the overall west-to-east route is downhill…

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1st Annual Karnes City Family Fun Day

Come and enjoy a 10k bicycle ride at the First Annual Karnes City Family Fun Day on Saturday, June 30th, – and if you don’t want to ride, there’s a run and a walk, too, plus various other activities such as a moon walk, a climbing wall and many many more.

The day starts with a bicycle ride at 8:00 a.m. and will end at around 4 p.m.

The main events are at the city park at the corner of S. Browne and E. Wall streets.

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2012 Real Ale Ride | Don Bynum’s Blog

2012 Real Ale Ride | Don Bynum’s Blog.

2012 Real Ale Ride

The 2012 Real Ale Ride is now in the history books (recorded with gallons of muscle burning lactic acid!) and as the pain fades it is becoming a legend that my grandchildren will tell their children around the campfire (providing heat from a ball of solar and wind powered magic plasma on the cold, still, nights on the plains).

Read the full post here: Don Bynum’s Blog – Cycling, Sailing and Surviving in the Texas Hill Country

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Colnago Demos to be at 5th Annual LBJ 100 Bicycle Tour!

Colnago will be bringing demo bikes to the LBJ Ranch, in conjunction with the 5th Annual LBJ 100 Bicycle Tour coming up March 24. This “get up close and personal” opportunity with new bike models is presented courtesy of one of Colnago‘s newest retailers, and a major sponsor of the LBJ 100 – Ride Away Bicycles – with three shops in San Antonio.
Come on out to the event, talk to Ride Away, check out a Colnago, and feel that awesome handling ability on those gorgeous Texas hills.
For more info on the LBJ 100, go to the event’s website @

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LBJ100 Bicycle Tour 2012

Registration for the 2012 LBJ100 Bicycle Tour on March 24, 2012 is now open. Register online here: RaceTechs.

For details of the tour, click here: LBJ100.

Let me just briefly mention the most important changes:


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Carmageddon #flightvsbike challenge: How a team of cyclists beat a Jet Blue flight from Burbank to Long Beach. – By Tom Vanderbilt – Slate Magazine

Carmageddon #flightvsbike challenge: How a team of cyclists beat a Jet Blue flight from Burbank to Long Beach. – By Tom Vanderbilt – Slate Magazine.

Carmageddon Challenge: The Bikes Won!

How a team of cyclists—and a guy on the subway, and a Rollerblader—beat a Jet Blue flight from Burbank to Long Beach.

n cycling news today, the Belgian Jelle Vanendert won the 14th stage of the Tour de France, beating Spain’s Samuel Sanchez by 21 seconds, and 46 seconds ahead of Luxembourg’s Andy Schleck

And in Los Angeles some guys on bikes beat a Jet Blue plane from Burbank to Long Beach.

It was a bad day for intra-metropolitan area commercial aviation. Jet Blue flight No. 405—the flight that was supposed to help Angelenos beat the chaos resulting from the closure of the 405 freeway—was bested not only by the @wolfpackhustle A team (elite cyclists who had pledged to follow traffic rules), but by @garyridesbikes, a late entrant promising to take only public transit and walk, and, if Twitter is to be believed, a Rollerblader, @jennix, who supposedly came in third. The gripping tale of the race to the Long Beach lighthouse is there for all to see on Twitter at #flightvsbikes.

According to Twitter-based calculations by @bcgp, the unofficial finish times were:

Bike: 1:34
Metro/Walk: 1:44
Rollerblades: 2:40
Plane/Lost Cabdriver: 2:54

Lost cabdriver? A late Tweet by the Jet Blue flyers, @ohaijoe and @ezrahorne, elaborated: “Our cabdriver didn’t know what a lighthouse was, and was too blind to see the map on my phone.”

Not that it would have made much difference (although a smoother cab ride might have allowed the aviators to beat that pesky Rollerblader).


Read the full story here: Slate Magazine

Read how the idea developed here: Slate Magazine

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Ride to Remember

Yesterday I rode – to get the ride data on my Garmin GPS – the 22-mile route of the upcoming [September 10] Ride to Remember in Poth/TX. We – that is Travis Pruski, who organizes the ride, and me – met at the city park in Poth and then went on the 22-mile route. The first part had a good climb – at least for southern Texas – and was somewhat into the wind, but then, after taking a right in Dewees, we had the wind on our backs and that made for easy riding. And even the last leg, from Floresville to Poth – which was into gthe wind again – wasn’t too bad. All in all a very enjoyable ride.

To see a map, a flash animation of the elevation profile etc. click here: RideWithGPS.

I’ll ride and map the other routes soon, too.

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Luckenbach Loop again

Yesterday I was busy driving a SAG vehicle on the Hill Country roads at the 4th Annual LBJ 100 Bicycle Tour for too long to be able to get in a ride of my own, but today I had the time and did the Luckenbach Loop again. The weather was nearly perfect: some sun, some clouds, and only a light breeze. The temperature was excellent: just a tad on the cool side when there were clouds, and definitely not too warm in the sunshine. It was an absolutely enjoyable ride. And the new “Hill Country” gears on the Dancelli [front 52/36 and 14-32 rear] proved an excellent combination. None of the hills here was too much with that.

Check out my previous Luckenbach Loop here: Ride with GPS

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Upcoming Bike Rides [2]

Karnes County 42-Miler

Sunday, April 3rd: Ride starts at 11:00.  Meet at Karnes City Court House [101 N. Panna Maria Avenue, intersection of Calvert Ave. and 123 Business] for a 42.5 mile ride.  This is an easy to intermediate level ride with flat to rolling terrain.  The fast paced ride will take us through flat to rolling southern Texas countryside from Karnes City on Hwy. 123 & FM 81 via Panna Maria and Helena to Runge, and then on Hwy 72 to Kenedy and from there via backroads back to Karnes City.  Possible rest stops [with facilities]: Panna Maria, Runge, Kenedy.  This is a good ride for those training for the Tour de CureDirections: From San Antonio, go south on IH 37 to exit 132 and take US 181 south through Floresville, Poth & Falls City. In Karnes City, at the intersection of US 181 and FM 1144, take a left and follow W. Calvert Ave. [181 BR] to its intersection with 123 BR. There is ample parking on either side of Calvert at the Court House as well as at the Mercantile catty corner of the Court House or behind the courthouse.  For more information contact the ride leader Pit Vins at 830-299-9351 or email him at Printable map & cue sheet @, map & flash animation with elevation & grades @  Should, for any reason, a cancellation become unavoidable, it will be posted – as will be any updates on the above information – on my weblog @

Make sure to especially check there on the morning of the ride.

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Upcoming Bike Rides [1]

4th Annual LBJ 100 Bicycle Tour: A Ride to Preserve History

Come join us on Saturday, March 26, 2011, for one of the premier rides in the gorgeous Hill Country of Texas!

As President Johnson often told visitors to his beloved Hill Country ranch – All the World is Welcome Here“! We want riders in the 4th Annual LBJ 100 Bicycle Tour to feel the same warm welcome and sense of Presidential history as those who came before them.

Starting and ending on the famed LBJ Ranch, the routes take riders under majestic live oaks, past historical landmarks that figured prominently not only in the Johnson family history, but also in U.S. presidential history. See the descendants of President Johnson’s famed Hereford cattle herd as you exit the Ranch. Thereafter, it’s on to spectacular Hill Country cycling – on smooth-surfaced ranch-market roads and quiet country lanes that will take you back in time. Visit rural, historic Gillespie County schools that do duty as rest stops on this scenic tour. This is truly a “Ride to Preserve History”.

After a 9:00 AM staggered start for the 10, 30, 42, and 62-mile routes, enjoy a post-ride meal, and hang with friends and fellow cyclists in the expansive food tent. Visit some of the adjacent vendor booths we’ll have located next to the food area.

Then, you’ll not want to miss the Luci Baines Johnson-led tour of the historical landmarks on the LBJ Ranch at 2:30 PM. This look at the Johnson family legacy is included in the main rider registration fee – or, you can register for this tour only. Cost is the same.  Hear presidential history from someone who lived it! Be sure to take a Ranger-led tour of the restored rooms in the Texas White House – also included for registered riders.

Our 36th President loved his ranch. He often conducted presidential business under the spreading oak trees, and he sought solace here from the rigors of the presidency.


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