For Good of San Antonio, Free City’s Pedicabs – San Antonio Express-News

For good of San Antonio, free city’s pedicabs – San Antonio Express-News.

For good of San Antonio, free city’s pedicabs

Updated 11:42 p.m., Wednesday, April 11, 2012


For years, the city has imposed silly, overly strict regulations on pedicab drivers, who peddle people in carriages to and from downtown locations on bicycles.

The three laws that bug them the most: They can’t work after midnight; they can’t stop peddling unless they’re dropping people off or picking people up; and they can’t peddle at all on Commerce, Market, St. Mary’s or Navarro streets, or on César Chávez Boulevard.


In November, Julian and others in the pedicab industry began working with the city’s Transportation Advisory Board to craft a more rational ordinance for consideration by City Council.

The concessions they won were significant: The curfew was extended to 3 a.m.; they were allowed to stop in commercial loading zones; and they were allowed to work on all downtown streets.

Then the bike cops caught wind of it, complained and kicked the ordinance back to the TAB.


Here are a few other candid gems:

“Once traffic gets messed up, and you have situations, then you throw in additional horse carriages or pedicabs, it makes our job a lot harder.”


Again, the recalcitrant lieutenant: “One reason I know is, after 12, that’s when things start picking up for bike patrol, especially on weekend nights. Things start happening, and we don’t need additional work.”


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2 responses to “For Good of San Antonio, Free City’s Pedicabs – San Antonio Express-News

  1. Their loyalty is to the union, not the city. Just a move to press more control over who can and cannot change anything in the union members’ work environment.

    • Pit

      Hi Don,
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Maybe it’s just themselves they’re loyal to. To my mind, cops should not be loyal to their unions or their cities, but to the general public.
      Take care, and safe bicycling,

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