Texas Man Gives away Bikes to Children in Need – San Antonio Express-News

Texas man gives away bikes to children in need – San Antonio Express-News.

Published 09:00 a.m., Monday, January 2, 2012

JACKSONVILLE, Texas (AP) — Gerla Rangel isn’t old enough to drive a car, but he still enjoys his own set of wheels, courtesy of neighbor Oscar Harper.

The 9-year-old received two bicycles from Harper, one last year and another this year.

He said he feels good because he rides his bike all over his neighborhood.


Gerla is one of the many children who have received bikes from Harper, a 79-year-old affectionately known as “the bike man” because of his repair work.

Harper’s backyard is filled with about 40 bikes of all shapes and sizes, and tools sit neatly on a table. Two of the bikes are turned upside down, indicating that they’re a work in progress.


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One response to “Texas Man Gives away Bikes to Children in Need – San Antonio Express-News

  1. Pit

    I wish there were more people like Oscar Harper. Getting children to bicycling is something that is sorely needed here in Texas – as elsewhere. It would not only help to fight illnesses like diabetes, e.g., but also develop that spirit of “share the road” that seems to be lacking in way too many drivers. But then, there’s also the need to make bicycling safer by improving the infrastructure such as wide shoulders and/or bicycle paths/lanes.
    Come to think of it, when I see Karnes City’s streets, pedestrians need a better infrastructure, too. There’s not much in the way of sidewalks here, except for parts of Calvert Avenue.

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