Do Republicans Really Hate Cyclists? – BikeRadar

Do Republicans Really Hate Cyclists? – BikeRadar.

Do Republicans really hate cyclists?

By Peter Suciu, in Roseville, Michigan


In the United States, response to many issues falls along political party lines, including taxes, guns, abortion – and now cycling, according to some commentators.


Mother Jones, the self-professed “news organization that specializes in investigative, political and social justice”, published a story earlier this year with the straight-to-the-point headline: “The GOP Hates Bikes.” In this piece, author Stephani Mencimer noted two cases where Republican lawmakers drove anti-bicycle agendas.


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One response to “Do Republicans Really Hate Cyclists? – BikeRadar

  1. I can only speak for myself and the great many cyclists I know and who, whatever they were before the wreckage we have seen heaped on our nation, are certainly NOT Democrats now.

    Some cycling enthusiast who haven’t thought about what has created the largest middle class in the world (which has shrunk more in the last three years than at anytime since at least the end of WW-II ) mistake vigorous objection to FEDERAL meddling in how people get around with being “anti-cycliing”. The long-proven and virtually unlimited capacity of the Federal Government to screw things, almost anything, into a complete mess causes those who have grasped that I arguable reality to look to local and state support for making an area “cycling friendly”.

    It takes grass roots effort on a sustained basis, but hen done, it does eventually produce good, often innovative, improvements.

    As an avid cyclist, age 67 with 3,000 miles logged so far in 2011, I want nothing to do with Federal involvement in my cycling. Cycling is fun now, federal bureaucrats will “fix” that in a hurry, then they will decide to tax it somehow, just to be sure they have ruined it for good.

    Some see the geographically tiny European nations doing good things for cycling and forget just how radically different the “needs of a cyclist in Llano County are from those of a rider trying to survive in the traffic clogged an crime ridden environs of Washington DC (and I was not referencing to the graft and corruption ridden capitol grounds)

    Federal efforts need to deal with those issues which our Constitution grants the powers to it to do. Choices in transportation, recreation, and lighting (home, bike or anything I between were not ceded to the Federal government in the beginning and have not legally need ceded since.

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