A New Set of Wheels

A couple of weeks ago I had myself a new set of wheels built for my Dancelli. Here they are:

new wheels

The New Set of Wheels

Don’t they look great? I had them built at CycleLogic in San Antonio and I really think Allen there did a great job. It’s a place, btw, that I can only recommend for their excellent service.

The rims are Ambrosios, the high-flange hubs are Campys, and the spokes are DT-Swiss. And as to the freewheel: that depends. At present I’m looking for a 5-speed Regina.

Here’s a close-up of the hubs:


The Campy High Flange Hub(s)

Maybe I need to take another picture that shows the hubs themselves better as they are a tad blurry here. But still, the pic shows how beautiful they are.

And here’s the Regina America freewheel I put on, only to discover that the hubs can only take a 5-speed freewheel, and not, like this here, a 6-speed one. That’s why I’m still shopping around on E-Bay for a 5-speed freewheel.


Regina America 6-Speed Freewheel

Well, as soon as I have a freewheel that fits, I’ll put the first miles on these wheels. I’m really looking forward to that moment.


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