Ride to Remember

Yesterday I rode – to get the ride data on my Garmin GPS – the 22-mile route of the upcoming [September 10] Ride to Remember in Poth/TX. We – that is Travis Pruski, who organizes the ride, and me – met at the city park in Poth and then went on the 22-mile route. The first part had a good climb – at least for southern Texas – and was somewhat into the wind, but then, after taking a right in Dewees, we had the wind on our backs and that made for easy riding. And even the last leg, from Floresville to Poth – which was into gthe wind again – wasn’t too bad. All in all a very enjoyable ride.

To see a map, a flash animation of the elevation profile etc. click here: RideWithGPS.

I’ll ride and map the other routes soon, too.


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One response to “Ride to Remember

  1. Pit,

    It was a pleasure riding with you. I cannot wait to map the other levels. Thanks for all you do.

    Travis Pruski
    Mayor and Ride to Remember organizer

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