New Seat Post – New Route

After I had got a new – suspended – seat post from Germany and installed it, I took the Stevens on a new – and longer – route to try the suspension out. And it really worked. Together with the polymer suspension in the saddle it made the ride relatively comfortable on those fairly bumpy Karnes County roads. The new route took me to Falls City and from there on FM 887, FM 2724, FM 627 and Hwy 80 through Helena back to Karnes City. The route can be seen here at RideWithGPS. I enjoyed the ride a lot despite the sometimes breezy wind from the northern quadrant. But that – winds basically from the north – is why I had wanted to go north first and have the wind on my back on the return trip. Somewhat unfortunately, that was only true for the last 14 miles.

As to RideWith GPS: I really like the features on that website, especially that I can have a little (flash) movie that lets me move along the ride, showing elevation, grade [in %] and speed, as well as my position on a map or on Google.



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2 responses to “New Seat Post – New Route

  1. Pit, sounds like you’re riding some of the same routes the motorcyclists like.

  2. Pit

    Hi Kathleen,
    Thank you for visiting my weblog again. Are my routes really what motorcyclists like, too? I haven’t seen too many of them, except on Hwy 181. Presently quite a few of our roads here in Karnes County have a lot of heavy truck traffic from all the oil activity. But the drivers usually are quite considerate.
    Best regards,
    P.S.: I see you have the address to this blog on yours still and I was wondering if that or my new expat-blog [] might be more interesting for your readers.

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