11 L.A. Bicyclists Injured

11 bicyclists were injured, one of them critically, when a car slammed into a group of ca. 100 bicyclists stopped on the road at 2 a.m.

For the full article, click here: L.A. Times, online edition, June 16, 2011

Read more details here: Huffpost Los Angeles

What I gather from the above articles and the San Antonio Express-News is that a group of about 100 bicyclists had gathered for a middle-of-the-night ride, something that has become increasingly popular as at that time there’s  not that much traffic. The riders seem to have stopped in a traffic lane – maybe under a streetlight that was out – to wait for others to catch up. Some of the riders are reported to have dismounted to chat. The car turned from a blind corner and ploughed into the group, injuring 11 of them. It is not quite clear yet if the driver was texting and/or intoxicated at the time of the accident.

Even if – or rather because – I am an avid bicylist, I cannot but find fault with that group of bicyclists for recklessly endangering themselves. That is definitely not meant to say that I want to exonerate the driver, especially if she was either texting or intoxicated or maybe both. But I must maintain that any (responsible) bicyclist should know better than stopping in a traffic lane, especially at night – and, as it seems to be the case – in the dark and just beyond a blind turn. That means courting disaster. Even for a conscientious driver it might have been difficult to avoid a collision in these circumstance. If we bicylists want to be respected by drivers, we need to behave responsibly, too.


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