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Great Ride with the Beeville Stingers

Yesterday I did my second “Karnes County 42-Miler”, and this time I had the great company of Donna, J.D. and Gary, members of the Beeville Stingers bicycle club, who had come up from Beeville to join me in the ride. I really enjoyed their company – thank you, Donna, J.D. and Gary – and they kept me going at quite a good speed. We averaged 14.8 mp/h, and that with quite a bit of wind [15 to 20 mp/h sustained], which we especially felt between Helena and Runge, where it could blow over open fields unhindered by any trees or bushes. But it was manageable. And after Runge the wind helped – mostly, that is. It was quite hot, too, with temps well over 90. But with a stop at the gas station & convenience store in Runge, and at the shell station in Kenedy, we did it.

The route was the same as on April 3: Karnes City, Panna Maria, Helena, Runge, Kenedy, Karnes City.

And here are some pictures:


The Dancelli, Still Awaiting Its Rider

dancelli plus rider

The Dancelli Plus Its Rider


Donna Signing in

lined up

Left to Right: Gary, Donna, J.D. and Pit


Off They Go!


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Upcoming Bike Rides [3] – Karnes County 42-Miler: Update

The ride is on, but be prepared for a hot [up to over 90 F.] and windy [15-20 mph sustained, with gusts of well over 30 mph] one.

See y’all at 11,


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Cycling the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway –

On Two Wheels, With Water as a Companion

WHEN I told my local bicycle mechanic that I was thinking about circling the city by following the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway, he shrugged off my reservations about the unfinished route, which I’d heard was still dicey in parts.

“It’s Manhattan,” he said. “It’s an island. What are you going to do, get lost?”

Read the full article here:  Cycling the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway –

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In New York Schools, Adding Bikes to Gym Class –

THEY say you never forget how to ride a bike.

Tell that to Delsa Jacqueline Lopez.

Delsa, a sixth grader, first learned to ride when she was about 4, but when she found herself facing “the dreaded bike” in gym class, she discovered the lessons had not stuck. And she was terrified.

Read the full article here: In New York Schools, Adding Bikes to Gym Class –

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