Great Day – Great Ride

Today was an excellent day for riding. Apart from the bright sunshine, there was only a slight breeze [around 10 mp/h from the North East], and the temperature [around 80 F.] as well as the dewpoint [around 45 F. = really dry air] were wonderful. So, shortly before noon, I decided to hop on the Dancelli. I had prepared it with the “fast road” rear wheel, which has a 6 speed cassette [12-21], and, as it turned out, that gave me very good gears [the chainrings, btw, are 53/42] for the ride, so that I averaged 16.5 mp/h. I decided to do my Hobson – Panna Maria – Helena – Runge – Kenedy ride as that gives me plenty of opportunities to cut it short in case I don’t feel up to it. And also, with the prevailing winds, I would have the wind on my back during the second half. Well, as it turned out, my legs felt good and I did the whole distance, 49.65 miles altogether. And at the end I still felt fine and by far less exhausted than after my short 20-miler two days ago, even if I had two very short stops only, for some glucose tablets and electrolyte capsules. And as it was neither as hot nor as humid as on the rides before, I used only two bottle of water, I guess about 48 ounces. I know, that’s not enough by far, but I felt like I was sipping quite frequently. Anyway, my scale showed that it certainly hadn’t been  enough: I lost aobut 6 pounds on the ride – and that is basically all fluids. But I know from past experience that I’ll fill that up again quite quickly overnight.

Check this ride out here: RideWithGPS


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