Wind, Heat & Humidity …

… were all quite high today. The wind was about 15 mp/h sustained and 25 – 30 mp/h in gusts, the temperatures were around 92 F. [real feel 97 F.] and the dewpoint was over 70 F. [which means really awfully humid]. But I still managed to get in twenty miles and enjoyed the ride. The average, of course, showed the weather conditions: 14.8 mp/h [instead of the usual 16-plus for that route] was all I could manage without overexertiing myself. And even so, my heart rate [average 138 bpm and maximum 160 bpm] was definitely higher than usual. But that’s southern Texas!

My ride took my down to Kenedy on Hwy 181 [that was the hardest part as it was into the wind and had some allbeit slight climbs] and then back via Hwy 72 and FM 2102 and 1353. The latter two roads were fine as I had the wind in my back. And FM 1353 was great as it has been resurfaced and – you’d never believe it – with a wonderfully smooth asphalt at that [not the usual chip seal they nearly always use here in Karnes County].


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