Upcoming Bike Rides [3]: Karnes County 42-Miler

Sunday, May 8th:  Karnes County 42-Miler

Ride starts at 11:00.  Meet me at Karnes City Court House [101 N. Panna Maria Avenue], intersection of Calvert Ave. and 123 Business] for a 42.5 mile ride.  This is an intermediate level ride.  The fast paced ride [intended average 15 mp/h] will take us through flat to rolling southern Texas countryside from Karnes City on Hwy. 123 & FM 81 via Panna Maria and Helena to Runge, and then on Hwy 72 to Kenedy and from there via backroads back to Karnes City.  Possible rest stops [with facilities] will be in Panna Maria, Runge, and Kenedy.  This is a good ride for those training for the Tour de Cure.

Directions:  From San Antonio, go south on IH 37 to exit 132 and take US 181 south through Floresville, Poth & Falls City. At the intersection of US 181 and FM 1144, take a left and follow W. Calvert Ave. [181 BR] to its intersection with 123 BR. There is ample parking on either side of Calvert at the Court House [101 N. Panna Maria Avenue] as well as at the Mercantile catty corner of the traffic lights and behind the courthouse.

For more information contact me at 830-299-9351 or e-mail me at w.vins@gmx.de.

Printable map & cue sheet @ MapMyRide

Map & flash animation with elevation & grades @ RideWithGPS

Should, for any reason, a cancellation become unavoidable, it will be posted – as will be any updates on the above information – here on my weblog. Make sure to especially check there on the morning of the ride.


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