Not too Bad a Ride

Luckily, the weather forecast was wrong, especially as far as the wind was concerned. Instead of the predicted 18-20 mp/h sustained, with gusts way above 30, we only had a light breeze – mostly, that is – of about 10-12 mp/h, and barely more in gusts. And as nearly all day was overcast, it didn’t get as hot as predicted either. So, the three of us that showed up had a nice ride. We averaged a little less than intended, ca. 14 mp/h instead of 15, but that was fine. And in the end we cut it short some, going back from Kenedy on Hwy 181 instead ot the roundabout way via FM 2102 and 1353. Thus it was 39 miles in the end. But a very enjoyable ride. I was happy that I had a different rear wheel on the Dancelli, with 14-28 teeth. And that helped a lot. Overall, I was much happier than on the same ride – well, nearly the same – on Thursday, when I had ended up with (horrible) cramps for the last 12 miles, which made me even walk my bike for a while. I don’t really know what caused the cramps, which I had never suffered from before on a bike ride. Maybe it was the combined effect of not having eaten enough [breakfast only] on the day before and dehydration, as I really didn’t drink much [maybe half a bottle of water] on that ride. I tried to keep up my electrolytes during the ride, with Endurolytes and a banana, but maybe without enough fluid that didn’t really reach the muscles. Well, today everything went fine: no problems at all.

And here’s some pictures:

pit preparing the bike

Preparing the Dancelli

,signing in

Joe - Signing in - Marty & Me

Looks like I really need a lot more and  harder rides to get rid of that tummy!   😉


On Our Way

The route, btw, was – after meeting at the courthouse in Karnes City – out on Hwy 123 and then FM 81 to Panna Maria, continuing on FM 81 through Helena to Runge, from there on Hwy 72 to Kenedy and back via Hwy 181 and FM 1353/S. Panna Maria Ave. to the courthouse in Karnes City.

Check the route out on RideWithGPS [with a flash animation of the elevation and grades] and/or on MapMyRide with a “flight” over the route via GoogleEarth.


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