Boris Bikes Roll in London

“Sitting astride a big, gray bicycle at the head of a long line of traffic on City Road last month, I studied the 20 or more other cyclists who were — with varying degrees of skill and impatience — crossing the intersection on a red light. Some were swerving among startled and cursing pedestrians, bells ringing; others had expertly timed a slalom between four lanes of cars. What all these cyclists shared, however, was a sense of liberating entitlement. For more than half a century, London’s historical tangle of streets has been owned by cars and vans and double-decker buses and black cabs. Not anymore.


quoted from The New York Times Magazine, Sunday, March 20, 2011

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2 responses to “Boris Bikes Roll in London

  1. One of the attractions of urban Austin is the bike accessibility and acceptance. I’m on the side of making room for cyclists.

  2. Pit

    Hi Kathleen,,

    thanks for your support of bicyclnig. I only wish SA was as bicycle-friendly as Austin is.

    Reggards, and take care,


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