Those Dang Stickers

Yesterday, when I stopped at our cattle guard before I hit the road, I noticed there was a puncture in my front tire. So I quickly went back to the house and got a spare wheel and slapped it in. Even if it sounds/looks much too professional for a guy like me to have more than one set of wheels, I’m always happy I do as it makes for a very quick change and I can bother with mending the tube later at leisure.

Well, when I did that today, I did that today, I discovered that in addition to the puncture I had noticed and which had been caused by a sharp stone, there was another one very likely caused by a sticker burr. And when I checked the tire thoroughly, I found maybe 5 to 10 more little thorns which were sticking in the rubber. These sticker burrs are really  a nuisance as they seem to work themselves even through tires with a good flat protection. I’m seriously considering not to ride my road bike[the Dancelli]  across our lawn and along our driveway again, but carry it to the road, to avoid those nasty things. It’s a different matter with my touring bike [the Stevens] as that has sturdier tires with more thread. On my Dancelli, btw, I’m using the Continental Grand Prix Attack & Force combination, which I like a lot, as usually – apart from sticker burrs – they’re fairly puncture resistant and still – being not too heavy and having not much of a thread – quite fast.


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