Metric Century

It’s late in the year, but I finally did it: a metric century. Well, 61.1 miles [= 98.25 kilometers] comes close enough to it, to my mind, even if it’s not quite there. It was a good day for riding a bicycle: not too hot and not too humid. And even if there was a good breeze, it partly helped and partly hindered me – overall, those two effects cancelled each other out, I think. What I did, was a nice ride in the rolling countryside of northern Karnes and southern DeWitt counties. For details, click here: Ride with GPS. My legs were good, and thus I averaged out at 16.6 mph – and I’m really happy about it. Well, I did it on my Dancelli, and that is my fastest bike, I think.

Purple Arrow

Una Bella Machina



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