Thanks to the Truck Drivers

I really want to get that into my blog here: those guys are great and absolutely considerate! I’ve never felt unsafe with trucks meeting me here on the highways and byways of southern Texas. They always give me as wide a berth as possible. And if I have waved them past, they often flash a “thank you” with their rear lights. But I also try to be aware of them, constantly watching my rear mirror and moving as close to the side of the road as possible, and – by waving them past me – showing them that I have seem them and that I am aware of them. I must admit that I am much more afraid of the regular driver not being attentive and hitting me while they’re texting – or whatever else might distract them – and especially of those who believe they “own the road”.



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2 responses to “Thanks to the Truck Drivers

  1. How was the Fredericksburg ride? Pictures?

    I quit riding on roads years back when I lived in Florida because the traffic was too scary. I’m betting pickups are worse than big trucks, for the reasons you mentioned about car drivers.

  2. Pit

    Hi Kathleen,
    Both Fredericksburg & the ride(s) were great. Will post here and on my other blogs soon.
    Stay well,

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