New Wheels

Today I finally got around to completing my new set of wheels. It was last year when I got the rims [Ambrosio Excellence TQB, clincher, in blue]. Found those on E-Bay. And I had also got vintage Ofmega Master hubs [NOS]. And about three weeks ago I finally decided to take them to my bike shop in San Antonio [Bike World] to have them build me the wheels. They did a great job, btw. And today I decided to put a rear cassette on as well as the tubes and tires. And I’m really happy about the result:

The New Wheels

And that’s what I have:

  • Ambrosio Excellence TQB rims
  • Schwalbe Ultremo R.1 tires [700x23C]
  • Continental Supersonic Butyl tubes [I’m going for the extreme lightweight – 50 grams only – here]
  • Ofmega Master hubs
  • Regina 7-speed cassette [12-13-14-15-17-19-22]

When I put the wheels on my Dancelli, I was surprised that everything worked perfectly – without any need of adjusting. Well, I had hoped for that, of course. But still, it was good. It was quite a different feeling on the road, though, when I took the bike for a ride. The 12-sprocket allowed me to go much faster [I didn’t try to go top speed, but it might well be more than 35 mph] while stilll pedalling. But on the downside, the 22-sprocket only allowed me to slow down on hills to about 10.5 mph [since I really don’t want my cadence below 75], which really made me gasp for air much sooner than I had wanted. I should think that in my present state of training 5%-6% uphill will be all I can manage with that combination – 42 [front] and 22 [rear]. Well, that means a lot of training ahead – and that in a southern Texas summer. On the other hand, though, this new combination will make for some faster rides.


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