Karnes City Community Fitness Day

Yesterday’s Community Fitness day here in Karnes City was a great event. Well, as I only took part in the bike ride, I can only judge that. It was a well organized 20k ride cfrom the park in Karnes City to Helena and back. Unfortunately, it had to be on Highway 80. This highway has a wide shoulder, but is also well frequented, and yesterday it had a lot of big rigs zooming by. But since the KC Volunteer Fire Department was out sagging with 4 of their vehicles with their lights flashing, plus police cars and private ones, we all felt very secure. And the ration of about 7 or 8 SAG vehicles for about 75 riders was absolutely fantastic: a heartfelt “thank you” to all the support people.

What was especially good to see was how many children were taking part in the ride. That’s mainly thanks to their teacher, Joe Bishop, who is dedicated to making them ride their bicycles as often as possible, an effort that cannot be appreciated too much.

It is to be hoped that this day will not only be repeated, as it is planned, but that it’ll also lead to a wider-ranging fitness programme on a regular basis.


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