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Making Room for Bicycles in San Antonio

“Some 350 miles of bicycle lanes could be added to San Antonio’ s streets — triple the amount now — without widening a single road or impeding traffic, just restriping. The mayor, who sees bike lanes as a tool for urban renewal, is backing the plan. So is the Metro Health director, who has a $15 million grant to combat the city’s high diabetes and obesity rates. If anything is standing in the way it could be the city’s public works bureaucracy, which has ignored stacks of bike studies for years. But even road engineers might be ready for change.”

quoted from The San Antonio Express-News, Sunday, May 23, 2010

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1000 k

With today’s ride of 17 miles [Karnes City, Hobson, Panna Maria, Karnes City] I finally managed to get above the 1000k mark for this year. Not that I am too proud of it as it’s taken me much longer a time than I had planned, but here we are – finally. And that’s the first step. Now the next goal will be 1000 miles.

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Karnes City Community Fitness Day

Yesterday’s Community Fitness day here in Karnes City was a great event. Well, as I only took part in the bike ride, I can only judge that. It was a well organized 20k ride cfrom the park in Karnes City to Helena and back. Unfortunately, it had to be on Highway 80. This highway has a wide shoulder, but is also well frequented, and yesterday it had a lot of big rigs zooming by. But since the KC Volunteer Fire Department was out sagging with 4 of their vehicles with their lights flashing, plus police cars and private ones, we all felt very secure. And the ration of about 7 or 8 SAG vehicles for about 75 riders was absolutely fantastic: a heartfelt “thank you” to all the support people.

What was especially good to see was how many children were taking part in the ride. That’s mainly thanks to their teacher, Joe Bishop, who is dedicated to making them ride their bicycles as often as possible, an effort that cannot be appreciated too much.

It is to be hoped that this day will not only be repeated, as it is planned, but that it’ll also lead to a wider-ranging fitness programme on a regular basis.

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Ride of Silence

The day before yesterday I took part in the Ride of Silence in San Antonio and must say it was not what I had expected. On the one hand, as far as I was informed, the person to lead the ride and having the maps of the route never showed up, and, on the other hand, when someone else took over leading it, the ride can only have looked as a leisurely group ride through downtown San Antonio. I really think the public should have been made aware of what it was about. And since, even with way too few riders [to my estimate not more than 70] taking part, it still proved difficult to stay together, I really think this ride should have had a polilce escort. What about police on bicycles? San Antonio does have them and once I saw one offcer om his bike watching us. Why not have them ride, too?

I really wish for next year’s ride to have a far larger number of participants in a police-escorted ride with some way of making the public aware of the goals. And why not try and get into the news? I really think, if invited, the local newspapers and tv-stations would have been there to report.

And why not – to suggest something different but very eye-catching – put up “ghost bikes” wherever a bicyclist has been killed in a road accident?

But let me not finish without thanking those guys who took over leading the ride just on the spot: they did a wonderful job.

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2010 Bike Month

May is National Bike Month. The League of American Bicyclists promotes this national event. For more information, click here.

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Bike Fest to Promote Bicycling in La Crescent

“If your bicycle has gathered cobwebs over the winter, it’s time to get it out for Bike Fest.

The first-ever event will be held from 3 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, May 5, at the La Crescent Elementary School playground.

‘It’s going to be a one-stop shop for all users,’ said Sue Howe, project manager for Active Living La Crescent. ‘We really want to get people out biking more’.”

quoted from: Houston County News

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Share the Road (II)

“With more bikes on the road, drivers are frustrated — and cyclists are at risk. Now’s the time for changes.”

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Bicycling in New York: Stopping at Red Lights

“TEN years ago, riding a bicycle through the streets of New York was still considered outlandish behavior at best, and possibly insane. At the time, I viewed this with chagrin, but also complacency. I biked everywhere. […]

Perhaps looking for a new challenge, I’ve been attempting something unexpected in New York City bike-riding behavior: I stop for red lights. […]”

quoted from: The New York Times, Sunday, May 2, 2010, online edition

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