Share the Road (I)

In newsletter No. 438 [Road Bike Rider] offered an idea for tweaking the “Share the Road” signs seen along some U.S. highways and byways. Missourian Paul Scianna proposed adding the phrase “It’s the Law” to make sure drivers realize that giving cyclists some space is not merely a suggestion. But what if your local roads don’t have basic “Share the Road” signs, or there are too few? What can you do about that?

Roadie Peter Paul Bud has an answer — commit your local bike club to buying the signs on the condition that the highway department will put them where they’ll do the most good. That is, along favorite cycling roads in the area.

for more, see Road Bike Rider Newsletter # 440



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2 responses to “Share the Road (I)

  1. Pit

    Of course, it’s the law, but I’m not too sure if that simple reminder works. What is needed, to my mind, is a better mutual understanding – which means that the bicyclists, too, need to ride their bikes in a safe and responsible manner. And everything might start with a better education early on. Thus, what I’d advocate, is a drive to make children use their bikes more often, e.g. to and from school. Which, of course, increases the demand for safe bike lanes. But I vividly remember that it – riding my bike to school and back everyday in nearly all kinds of weather – not only helped me to get used to riding in traffic, but also worked out absolutely great for my overall health. And I’m convinced that this fitness was – of course by continuing exercising – carried over well into my later days [63 now and still going strong. ;-)]

  2. Dan

    I would like to encorage you all to stay off public roads with your bikes. Bikes belong in parks and on sidewalks not on roads. I wish to no longer see you on the road. I am tired of sharing the road with you.

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