armchair bicyclist

Well, I hate to admit it, but I’m not quite into my old stride of last year again. I keep finding reasons why I don’t want to ride my bike. So far, it’s only been 124 miles this year – far from my goal of 10 kilometers per day average. Ok, true, the weather hasn’t always been good for bicycling – like just now. But then, far too often I have just told myself it wasn’t good enough to be outside on the bike.

Nevertheless, I have been doing something re bicycling: editing the LBJ100bicycletour’s website. And that’s fun, too. As is writing this blog. Re the website: today added a page with our sponsors’ logos. And also update the information about the jerseys: there still are jerseys. Just send an e-mail to George Culp of the Friends of LBJ National Park and let him know you want one and he’ll come back with the order information.


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