not our fair share

According to the report “Bicycling and Walking in the United States: The 2010 Benchmarking Report“, published in January, bicyclists and pedestrians are at a disproportionate risk of being killed while they receive less than their fair share of the money spent on transportation:

While 10% of trips in the U.S. are by bike or foot, 13% of traffic fatalities are bicyclists and pedestrians. Biking and walking receive less than 2% of federal transportation dollars. Seniors are at an even greater risk. While adults over 65 make up 9% of walking trips and 4% of biking trips, they account for 19% of pedestrian fatalities and 9% of bicyclist fatalities.

cf. the press release on the website of the Alliance for Biking and Walking

for the full report, click here

for a fact sheet, click here


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