safe passing

“San Antonio took a step toward making its roads safer for bicyclists and pedestrians when a City Council committee voted unanimously Wednesday to send a “safe passing” ordinance to the full council for a vote next month.

The ordinance mirrors legislation — passed overwhelmingly last year by the Texas House and Senate — that requires drivers to change lanes to avoid “vulnerable road users” when possible, or give them three feet of clearance when passing.

Gov. Rick Perry vetoed the bill, stunning bike advocates and other members of a coalition that had worked for years to get bipartisan support for the measure.

Since the veto, a handful of municipalities, including Austin and Helotes, have put ordinances on their books identical to the state version.

With Wednesday’s decision, San Antonio’s council could consider the safe-passing ordinance as early as Feb. 4. Despite concerns raised by the Police Department, council members on Wednesday also backed the measure passed by state lawmakers.”

to read more, click here: San Antonio Express-News

So, they’re finally getting around to do something there. But I really doubt if 3 feet are enough. Education, on both sides, drivers and bicyclists, is what matters most. Just look at the many irresponsible and even hateful comments.

But my own experience of riding my bicycle on the highways and country roads in Karnes County is that all but a very few drivers are absolutely considerate and give me a wide berth whenever possible: thanks to all of them!

Btw, this is not a Texan and not even an American problem. It’s basically the same in Germany, too.



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  1. As much as I can understand right now, I think you’re right!

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