My “New Old” Road Bike

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Finally I’ve started to put together the vintage Gianni Motta road bicycle I got myself for Christmas, and which arrived totally disassembled [see my posting “Christmas Present Puzzle“]. This here is how far I got today:

Mein “neues altes” Rennrad

Endlich habe ich damit angefangen, mein klassisches Gianni Motta Straßenrennrad zusammenzubauen, das ich mir zu Weihnachten gegönnt hatte, und das in vollständig zerlegtem Zustand [siehe meinen Blogeintarg unter Christmas Present Puzzle] hier ankam. Und so weit bin ich heute gekommen:

motta The Motta – Half-Assembled

But now I’ve taken it to the bike shop for the remainder of what needs to be done as I don’t think I’d be able to put the rear derailleur on and run the brake and shifter cables properly. I also don’t have the proper size of nut to tighten the screws for the cranks on the bottom bracket.

Aber jetzt habe ich…

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Fare Ye Well

Dear visitors to my blog, dear followers, dear friends,

Meanwhile I’ve been “blog-abstinent” for more than six weeks, and this has clearly made me aware of how time-consuming it is to keep up my blogs, and therefore how much time I can gain for myself by not blogging, and also that – I nearly wouldn’t habe believed it – I can live quite well without blogging.  😉  This experience has let the decision ripen in me not to continue blogging but to shut down all my blogs and – after a time – delete them completely.

Admittedly I’m sorry about that on the one hand, because it was a really great experience to have others participate in my own little world: I’ve got lots of ideas for and about myself from the comments, I’ve had to deal with and evaluate the opinions of others and re-evaluate my own ones, and I have been fortunate to learn a lot for myself.

And above all: I’ve made a lot of friends. And it’s those I’ll miss most.

But on the other hand it sometimes took a lot of time, and even if I tried not to let blogging take over too much of my life, I quite frequently felt some kind of pressure to have to publish a new article [there’s quite a lot I’d still like to write about] and especially to answer the many comments. Dear commentators, forgive me, please, if that didn’t always happen quickly enough. And for your ever so valuable thoughts a big THANK YOU!

And thus now it only remains for me to say: thanks, my friends, it’s been a truly wonderful time with you, and take care.

Best regards from southern Texas,


P.S.: I’ll also discontinue following the many other blogs I’ve got plenty of stimuli for my thoughts from. Following those has (nearly) taken even more time than writing in my onw blog.


Liebe Besucher dieses Blogs, liebe “Follower”, liebe Freunde,

meine mittlerweile weit mehr als sechswöchige Blogabstinenz hat mir ganz deutlich vor Augen geführt, wie viel Zeit daran geht, meine Blogs zu pflegen, wie viel Zeit ich also ohne Bloggen für mich gewinnen kann, und – was ich schon fast nicht mehr geglaubt habe – dass ich auch ohne Bloggen gut leben kann.  😉  Diese Erfahrung hat nun in mir den Entschluss reifen lassen, das Bloggen nicht wieder aufzunehmen, sondern alle meine Blogs zu schließen und ich absehbarer Zeit auch ganz zu löschen. Und auch andere Blogs werde ich nicht mehr verfolgen. Letzteres hat wohl (fast) mehr Zeit gekostet als das eigene Bloggen.

Zugegeben, auf der einen Seite tut es mir leid, denn es war auch eine schöne Erfahrung, Andere an meiner Welt teilhaben zu lassen: ich habe durch die vielfältigen Kommentare, für die ich mich hier ganz herzlich bedanken möchte, auch jede Menge Anregungen für mich bekommen, ich habe mich mit anderen Meinungen auseinandersetzen und so meine eigenen Positionen hinterfragen müssen, und ich habe dadurch viel für mich gelernt und gewonnen.

Und vor Allem: ich habe viele Freunde gewonnen. Und die sind es, die ich am meisten vermissen werde.

Aber auf der anderen Seite war es auch manchmal sehr zeitintensiv, und obwohl ich versucht habe, Abstand zu halten, so habe ich doch häufig einen gewissen Druck gespürt, einen neuen Artikel schreiben zu “müssen” [es gibt übrigens noch eine ganze Menge, zu dem ich gerne etwas schreiben würde], ganz besonders aber, die vielen Kommentare zeitnah zu beantworten. Liebe Kommenatoren, verzeiht, wenn das manchmal lange gedauert hat, und nochmals ein großes DANKE für Eure Gedanken.

Und so bleibt mir dann jetzt nur zu sagen: danke, meine lieben Freunde, es war eine wunderschöne Zeit mit Euch, und macht’s gut.

Mit lieben Grüßen aus dem südlichen Texas,


P.S.: Auch die vielen anderen Blogs, die ich sehr interessant fand und aus denen ich ebenfalls viel Anregungen mitgenommen habe, werde ich nicht weiter verfolgen.

P.P.S.: Meinen “Abschied aus Bloghausen” möchte ich kurz halten und habe daher die Kommentarfunktion abgeschaltet.

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What’s Behind the Rise in Cyclist and Pedestrian Deaths? |

What’s Behind the Rise in Cyclist and Pedestrian Deaths? |

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is out with traffic fatality data for 2011, and the news is not good for cyclists, pedestrians or, for that matter, anyone who uses U.S. roadways.

While motor vehicle deaths declined to a still mind-numbing 32,000, cycling deaths were up 8.7 percent, and 3 percent more pedestrians were killed. The increase represented a break with recent trends, and folks all over the Streetsblog Network and the news media had different theories on the cause.


Read the full article here: Streetsblog Network

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Cyclists are annoying: Why you think they’re a menace on two wheels. – Slate Magazine

Cyclists are annoying: Why you think they’re a menace on two wheels. – Slate Magazine.


The fact is, unlike me, most bicyclists are courteous, safe, law-abiding citizens who are quite willing and able to share the road.


Read the full article here: Slate Magazine

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Bicyclists Using Cameras to Capture Accidents –

Bicyclists Using Cameras to Capture Accidents –

WASHINGTON — When Evan Wilder went flying onto the pavement during his bicycle commute one morning here, he didn’t have time to notice the license plate of the pickup truck that had sideswiped him after its driver hurled a curse at him. Nor did a witness driving another car.

But the video camera Mr. Wilder had strapped to his head caught the whole episode.

Read the full story here: The New York Times

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Pedal Push – TIME

Pedal Push – TIME.

Jeff Frings has a talent for attracting insults. Soda bottles have been hurled at his head without warning. He’s been called unprintable names by people who don’t know his actual name. He’s been sideswiped and rear-ended and run off the road more times than he can count. Red Sox fans wandering through Yankee Stadium have been subject to less abuse from complete strangers than Frings has on the streets of his hometown, Milwaukee.

So what’s his problem? It’s simple: he’s an avid bicyclist.

Read the full story here: Time Magazine

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FROM THE TOP | Road Bike Rider

FROM THE TOP | Road Bike Rider.

The Case for Helmet Cams, Driver Education

Not long ago, on an otherwise unremarkable day, I received an email from an RBR reader about a New York Times article noting the use of helmet cameras as a possible deterrent to motorist harassment, and worse, against cyclists.

The reader wrote of the article: “Interesting development. Wearing a camera was suggested to me last week after I was sideswiped by a driver (almost certainly intentionally). Bruised and bloody but nothing broken. I was lucky under the circumstances.”

The day became remarkable when I received two additional emails on the very same topic, one noting the New York Times story, and another referencing a Time magazine article.

Read the full story here: Road Bike Rider

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This looks like a great event!


A few years ago Facebook enabled a re-connection with Chuck, a guy who grew up in my neighborhood and I had known since kindergarten.  I have truly enjoyed our conversations in the past couple of years, visiting him in when we were in Chicago and him spending one weekend with us while on a nearby work assignment.

While not someone who has been focused on building and maintaining “body beautiful” something about RAGBRAI,  Iowa’s cross-state bicycle ride,  caught his attention and he participated last summer.  An annual seven-day bicycle ride across the state organized by the Des Moines Register, RAGBRAI is the oldest, largest and longest bicycle touring event in the world. This year was the 40th annual ride and Chuck was there again.

You may say sure, a state like Iowa is flat so no big deal.  It is not completely flat and while the overall west-to-east route is downhill…

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Family Bike Trails — National Geographic Traveler

Family Bike Trails — National Geographic Traveler.

The National Geographic has a piece about family bicycle trails in its July 2012 edition, featuring the following trails:

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More to explore on Mission Reach – San Antonio Express-News

More to explore on Mission Reach – San Antonio Express-News.

“[…] an additional mile of the Mission Reach of the San Antonio River has opened to the public, making it possible to enjoy the river’s ecosystem restoration for more than three miles, from the Lone Star Brewery to VFW Boulevard.”

Read the full story here: The San Antonio Express-News

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